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Clinical Alarm Managment and Secure Clinical Communications

The Challenge

Clinical alarm systems are intended to alert caregivers of potential patient problems, but if they are not properly managed, they can compromise patient safety. This is a multifaceted problem. In some situations, individual alarm signals are difficult to detect. At the same time, many patient care areas have numerous alarm signals and the resulting noise and displayed information tends to desensitize staff and cause them to miss or ignore alarm signals or even disable them. Other issues associated with effective clinical alarm system management include too many devices with alarms, default settings that are not at an actionable level, and alarm limits that are too narrow. These issues vary greatly among hospitals and even within different units in a single hospital.  



Clinical Alarm Management Solutions

Extension Engage is an event-driven care team communication solution that helps caregivers to more effectively respond to patient needs, improves collaboration among care team members, and facilitates faster responses to patient events. 


Multi-Variable Rules & Context

Prioritize patient event notifications using multi-variable rules and delivers contextual notifications (context gathered from ADT, EHR, and other clinical systems) to appropriate and available caregivers via their smartphone or wireless mobile device.


Integration with Presence and Location Technologies

Integrated with location technologies, Enable caregivers to easily identify which staff resources are/not available based on their whereabouts. Further, utilizing Presence technologies, Display (automatically or manually) staff as “Available”, “Unavailable”, etc.” which reduces time spent looking for resources that are unreachable.


Event-Driven & Patient-Centric Text Messaging

Using mobile event-driven and patient-centric texting solution, caregivers can initiate secure text messages to individuals or groups assigned to the patient in response to events.


Prioritized and Filtered Events

  • Patient monitoring alarms

  • Telemetry alarms

  • Bed exit alarms

  • Ventilator alarms

  • Code alarms

  • Nurse call alerts

  • Critical lab notifications

  • Order notifications

  • Report notifications

  • Rapid response team notifications

  • Patient access notification

  • Patient elopement notifications

  • PRN medication effectiveness reminders

  • And many more

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