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Electronic Security 

Here at 4G Solutions we take pride in offering solutions for all of your security needs. Access Control, CCTV, Intrusion, and custom solutions to fit the exact needs of your growing business. 

We offer custom designed systems to protect your customers, employees, and assets giving you more time and money to focus on your day to day business. 

Access Control Systems

Enterprise-class, feature-rich access control systems integrate credential-based access control, intrusion detection and video security applications for a unified management and administration experience. 100% web based, the systems require no software installation or client license fees.


Video Management Systems

Video management systems offer tight integration of video with access control and event monitoring for users. The systems incorporate an IP video server, NVR and advanced video forensics. 


Mobile Security Management

Mobile security management products allow field security officers and other authorized users to operate and manage their system from anywhere, dramatically improving their productivity, decision making, and response time.


Converged Systems

Converged solutions tightly integrate security management system software with the video management system. Using only a web browser, enterprise-class converged solutions deliver unified system management and administration. 


Integrated Physical Security

Access control and video management systems integrate with a range of security management functions and devices. They are able to support the security policies, processes and procedures of diverse organizations. Organizations with access control systems of any size can integrate physical security devices such as card readers, alarm points, relays, temperature points, and video applications.



Distributed Architecture

Physical security systems have a fully distributed IP network architecture and operate using a web browser. No software needs to be installed on any computer. Large global enterprises can build an entire ecosystem of S2 access control and video management systems under one centrally controlled network.


Legacy Systems

Security solutions allow users to upgrade legacy access control and video systems with minimal investment in new equipment and installation time. Casi-Rusco Micro/5 access control system users can easily migrate to advanced security management systems without re-investing in new field hardware. Users of analog cameras can upgrade to a web

browser-based IP video management system with the hybrid NVR solutions.


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