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Our Approach


Review functional program requirements.


Conduct user meetings in order to meet operational, scope and technology requirements for all systems.

Evaluate the condition of any existing equipment to determine quality, capability, life expectancy and deficiencies.


Evaluate existing equipment for reuse, obsolescence, or upgrade to meet technology and operational needs.


Develop preliminary equipment list and budget.


Integrate any existing equipment into preliminary equipment list.


Conduct equipment quality assurance review, evaluations and value analysis.


Develop final room by room equipment requirements reports including final budget, equipment manufacturers, technical data sheets, model numbers and a manufacturers summary.


Coordinate with any architects and engineers as required to ensure proper equipment placement, clash detection and coordinate infrastructure requirements.


Develop utility requirements, data and bandwidth utilization by system as required.


Work closely with owner, administration, staff and users to ensure equipment design meets the appropriate level of programs requirements.


Production and issuance of construction drawings as required.

Implementation and installation of technology solutions to meet required codes and criteria.


Project Management and Quality Assurance to ensure proper implementation.


Testing and Training to ensure systems perform and can be used to meet client expectations.


Warranty and Maintenance services to ensure systems remain operational and functional.

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