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The IS Video Intercom Series by Airphone can be used as a hardwired network system for a small application, or as an IP network system for a central controlled system across a number of facilities.

  • Assists onsite visitors from any offsite Master Station.

  • Up to 160 Master Stations, 160 Video Door Stations, 960 Room Sub Stations can be combined per site.

  • High performance color video intercom features.

  • Your PC can be used as a Master Station.



  • IP-based security system works beyond distance

  • Facilities with IP networks can be controlled from a distance. It can make centralized security management simple and easy.

  • From small to large facilities the IS Series is designed to be used for a variety of facilities: commercial buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, and more. It can flexibly adapt to a variety of scales and conditions. Optional devices, such as security cameras and alarms can be added to complete your system.

  • Panoramic wide angle view and Zoom & PanTilt for higher security

  • To provide effective security, the IS Series features a wide angle camera enabling you to see a panoramic view! People standing on the sides and people of all heights can be easily identified.

  • Zoom & PanTilt You can change the camera angle and zoom in the image to see exactly where you want.

  • Audio Sub Station is available

  • You can choose the Audio Sub Station. There are 2 styles available, a handset or a hands-free option.

  • Your PC can be used as the Master Station (IS-SOFT)

  • You can use your PC just like the Master Station by installing the IS software.

  • It may not be available depending on your PC or OS version.

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